Friday Night Video CXIV

So there’s this restaurant near us that we went to once when it first opened several years ago and it sucked so we never went back but we keep hearing people talk about how great it is so tonight we finally went back and it still sucks.  The moral of this story is that people suck and have lousy taste and do not listen to them.

Video related: people should be replaced with robots.


  1. I have this issue with co-workers, its led to some serious sysadmin pouting because I’ve preferred to eat alone than go with them. Boo-hoo. I hate work lunches with people I’m paid to be around.

  2. Yeah, a bunch of my coworkers are apparently vegan or vegetarian or something, so they tend to go to a crappy food court that has a vegan place.

    And then, when the normal people ditch the non-vegans and go out, they tend to go someplace horrible.

    Fortunately, I only go into the office once a week at most, so this isn’t really an issue.

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