From Bill & Ted’s, to Venture Bros. (feat. Foetus)

Alex Winter

The only Lost Boy I remember


IMDB profile) went on to co-direct Alex Winter (Wiki has more info than his the cult classic Freaked, after playing the moron Bill S. Preston, Esq. in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. More recently he has been directing segments for Jimmy Kimmel Live!

In the 1990’s he would direct several music videos from Helmet, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Verklemmt by Foetus (1995).

You may have heard much of the music re-used, by admission, by Trent Reznor in Perfect Drug (1997). You can almost swap which lyrics to sing when listening to either song. Almost.

Foetus has been a highly influential artist on the industrial music scene. He even worked on a collaboration with Marc Almond, Lydia Lunch, and Nick Cave known as the The Immaculate Consumptive. Bootlegs are rare and the band lasted for three live tour days in 1983 before disbanding. Each of these members has a list of releases almost as long as Courtney Love’s STD prescriptions.

What J G Thirlwell (aka Clint Ruin) of Foetus is more recently known for, is the music from the animated show The Venture Bros. There’s even a “Jim Fetus” reference in one of the episodes. Venture Bros will be airing Season 5 starting on May 19, 2013.

A long time ago (ended in 2008) I did a podcast of Industrial music that was essentially connecting-the-dots to entertain myself. It usually went something like the above.


  1. I have heard rumors of a Thirlwell/Lunch sex tape. Have you heard these rumors?

  2. I actually have heard, but all I actually know of is some NSFW content she has done in films and music videos. Like a quick clip of her giving a blowjob in a film that isn’t a porno but mimics one. Insomuch as the plot is weak and the acting is poor and there is a blowjob scene.

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