My Outdoor Office has been Compromised

As I may have mentioned, I usually work from home, typically on the front porch.

As I may also have mentioned, we have this lesbian couple living next door to us.  They adopted a baby a while back, and for some reason now have a 30ish autistic woman living with them as well*.  Typically in the morning I would see her walking back and forth, either reading or talking on the phone or talking to herself or something while she hacked up phlegm.

Over the weekend we threw a party by the pool and invited them, since their adopted child is about the same age as my youngest spawn.  As a result of this I was trapped into a brief conversation with the autist.

Unfortunately, now that she knows my name, she feels free to talk to me when she sees me on the porch, since “we know each other”.

* They used to be fostering a 9ish girl, but apparently she was replaced.

Vacation (chapter 1: the vacationing)

I am off work this week, due to the fact that both spawn have the week off from school.

Yesterday was spent packing in the morning and early afternoon, followed by quite a lot of driving.

Today began with the free hotel breakfast (which ran out of eggs and bacon far too early and had some sort of temperature related food safety issue with the milk and yogurt fridge and was packed full of Asian people), then most of the day was spent at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  I may post pictures and/or video later of marine animals.

Tomorrow we wake up early, drive for a bit, then ride on a train.

Appy Polly Logies

Sorry about the lack of Friday Night Video last night; caught up in personal issues.*

* Getting everything organized and ready to go to my 5 year old’s birthday party at the local water park**.

** Which had to be canceled at that location this morning due to expected thunderstorms at the exact time of the party, causing much scrambling about this morning trying to find a new venue.  Which we did, but it will cost us more money.