Friday Night Video CLXXIII

When we got home and my wife left the car and took her awful music with her and it was time for me to park, I changed over to the radio and this was playing, so let’s get some classic rock up in this bitch.

UPDATE: I think they were playing this because Ronnie Montrose died 5 years ago today.

UPDATE 2: replaced original video because the one I originally posted was solo Sammy Hagar after he left Montrose.

UPDATE 3: BTW here’s the Sammy Hagar video, which lacks scantily clad women but does have a dude with an awesome fro.

Portland Record Label Listed as Hate Group

Death in June refers to the Night of the Long Knives in 1934, when Adolf Hitler ordered the murder of his political rivals within the Nazi Party. The band employs a wide range of fascist and Nazi imagery, such as wearing Waffen-SS uniforms onstage.

On Death in June’s official website, Soleilmoon is listed as the band’s official distributor. Death in June accounted for more than half the label’s digital sales, and moved “a couple thousand” units last year.

The SPLC says Death in June is the main reason for Soleilmoon’s hate-group listing.

Apparently SPLC doesn’t like Boyd Rice / NON either.

As an aside: fuck the SPLC.

Bob Dylan DGAF about the Nobel Prize

The Prize Committee has given up trying to contact him.

Random Bob Dylan story:

Around 25 years ago my stepmother was working HR at a small construction company.  The owner of the company had season tickets to some local concert venue.  One day he gave her his tickets to a Bob Dylan concert at that venue, because he “wasn’t going to go see some nigger.”