Nazi Furries of the Furred Reich

… the #AltFurry movement is about “bringing a new line of hope within the degenerate filth that is the furry fandom”. They want to “cleanse” furries to be less “heretical” and “degenerate” and thus “bring furs into a new light”.

“The only degeneracy that will be acceptable is getting gay married someday… But that isn’t the only thing we are fighting for, we are fighting against systemic speciesist oppression.”

kill it with fire

The Furred Reich: The truth about Nazi furries

Cute Couple

Convicted murderers become first gay couple to marry in prison (in the UK).

Gallatinov is a convicted paedophile who was sentenced in 1997 for murdering a man he had met through a gay chat line. At his trial, Judge Rhys Davies QC said it had been a “cold-blooded, well-planned, callous, chilling and apparently motiveless killing”.

Goodwin was jailed 10 years later for a homophobic killing on Blackpool seafront that was described by police as “a savage, senseless homophobic attack that resulted in the death of a harmless man”.

Love is beautiful.

Apparently Florida is having some weather or something.

Thousands of Floridians – led by Vanilla Ice – ignore calls to evacuate to surf, party and mess around on the beach dressed as DINOSAURS


Also of note:

Another local man shouted, ‘D***s out for Harambe! D***s out for Harambe!’ during a local news broadcast.

Equal Rights For My People, But Not Those People: Ghandi Edition

Recent news is that people want Ghandi’s statue removed since he was a racist, but he was also a womanizing jerk. He is an icon so its taboo to point out his flaws. So I’ll let others, like Hitchens, do it.

“It’s my estimation that every man ever got a statue made of ’em was one kinda sombitch or another.” -Mal, Firefly (s01e04 Jaynestown)

The Atlantic: Christopher Hitchens The Real Mahatma Gandhi (Questioning the moral heroism of India’s most revered figure) 2011-07/08

MSN News Academics want “racist” Gandhi’s statue removed from Ghana’s oldest university 2016-09