We just killed our dog

He was 14.5 and had a heart condition.  Heart finally gave out.

We could tell he was not doing well tonight.  Earlier today I noticed he had trouble getting up the stairs, and he was panting a lot.  Had trouble pooping, so thought maybe it was just stomach issues.  He seemed to be in some pain on his side, where he has had a cyst for a while which, tonight, seemed bigger than usual, then exploded while I was carrying him and bled all over the place, so we were hoping maybe that was the source of his pain.  We took him to the emergency vet, though, who diagnosed him with heart failure.   We were given the option of spending a couple thousand dollars to possibly get him through the night, at which point we would still have a 14.5yo dog with a heart condition and would be going through this exact same thing sometime in the next few months.

Anyway, long story short, we decided instead to kill him now and be done with it.

It’s a bit disappointing.  I had kind of hoped that, when the decline started, I’d be able to take him to the park one last time and throw tennis balls for him until his heart exploded, but he deteriorated too rapidly for that to be an option.

My wife took the dog to the vet while I stayed home with the kids.  I did explain to the kids that he might not be coming home, and they did have a bit of a goodbye, but my 6yo fell asleep before decisions were made and deeds were done, so we’re currently hoping that in the morning we can get him to school before he asks too many questions so he won’t be crying at school all day tomorrow.

On the bright side, the dog had, in the past year, not become incontinent so much as stopped giving a fuck and just started pissing and shitting wherever and whenever he wanted.  So now I can walk through the house reasonably confident I won’t step in shit, and we can finally get the carpets cleaned.

My Outdoor Office has been Compromised

As I may have mentioned, I usually work from home, typically on the front porch.

As I may also have mentioned, we have this lesbian couple living next door to us.  They adopted a baby a while back, and for some reason now have a 30ish autistic woman living with them as well*.  Typically in the morning I would see her walking back and forth, either reading or talking on the phone or talking to herself or something while she hacked up phlegm.

Over the weekend we threw a party by the pool and invited them, since their adopted child is about the same age as my youngest spawn.  As a result of this I was trapped into a brief conversation with the autist.

Unfortunately, now that she knows my name, she feels free to talk to me when she sees me on the porch, since “we know each other”.

* They used to be fostering a 9ish girl, but apparently she was replaced.


Last Tuesday while eating tacos I bit the right lower inside section of my mouth.  This has caused swelling which in turn has caused me to bite hard on the exact same spot nearly every day since then.

This is very painful and I do not recommend it.

Friday Night Video CLXVII

I think this week was the anniversary of this guy killing himself.

Speaking of dead people, I’m behind on the celebrity deathwatch because I’ve recently had pretty much zero opportunity to be on my primary desktop computer for any extended length of time due to various family-related reasons, and putting together a post with quite a lot of links is difficult on the iPad.