Fun With Drugs

For various convoluted reasons I have acquired a small stash of butterscotch candy edibles.

Haven’t tried them before tonight.  My understanding is that they are quite strong, so I just crushed one and ate approximately 1/4-1/3 of it.  Site linked above says it takes 30-60 minutes to start working, I’m at 31 minutes now and feeling nothing.  Last time I did this sort of thing was (a) many years ago and (b) in the form of a brownie, which IIRC took a while to kick in and then suddenly kicked in pretty hard.

BTW, this taste like butterscotch-flavored dirt.

I’ve already had a bottle of wine (2015 Gascon Malbec) tonight so this may be a bad idea.

Will update if anything interesting happens.


Signs of an edibles overdose include paranoia, lack of coordination and hallucinations.

Sweet, I may take more.


Hour and 15 minutes and I’m not feeling shit.  Probably too late to take more.  Will try this again with a larger dose soon.

Celebrity Deathwatch 2016 #0033-0045

Peter Mondavi, 101, ran Charles Krug Winery in Napa.  Had a fight with his brother Robert in the 1960’s, which led to his brother starting Robert Mondavi Winery.

Fucks given: 3

Eric Brown, 97, British test pilot, set world records for most types of aircraft flown, most aircraft carrier landings, and first jet aircraft carrier landing.

Fucks given: 3

Lennie Baker, 69, saxophone player for Sha Na Na.

Fucks given: 1, same as for Frederick Greene.

Tony Burton, 78, played Apollo Creed’s trainer in a bunch of Rocky movies.

Fucks given: 0, I’ve never actually watched a Rocky movie from beginning to end.

George Kennedy, 91, actor, was in a bunch of movies.

Fucks given: 7

Frank Kelly, 77, played Father Jack on Father Ted.

Fucks given: .025, I never watched Father Ted but was aware of its existence.

Gil Hill, 84, Detroit policeman and politician who played Axel Foley’s boss in Beverly Hills Cop.

Fucks given: 2

Lee Reherman, 49, Hawk on American Gladiators, plus some other roles.

Fucks given: apparently he also did voice work for video games and people I know who work for video game companies and who met him said he was a cool guy.

Tony Dyson, 68, special effects designer who built R2-D2.

Fucks given: 1

John Thomas, 63, guitarist for Budgie.

Fucks given: despite being a big NWOBHM fan, I’m only familiar with Metallica’s covers of Breadfan and Crash Course in Brain Surgery and haven’t really listened to Budgie directly.  Also this guy wasn’t in the band when those songs were originally recorded, so who cares.

Pat Conroy, 70, wrote The Great Santini, The Lords of Discipline, The Prince of Tides, and some other books that were not made into movies.

Fucks given: 0

Ray Tomlinson, 74, invented email.

Fucks given: 3

Nancy Reagan, 94, former First Lady.

Fucks given: just say no to giving fucks.

Local Cougar Bar Closing

Goodbye to the Foxfire.  Note, I’ve never actually been there.  Two things, though:

  1. I remember a guy in my chemistry lab class in college (sometime around 90-92, don’t remember exact year) saying this was a great place to go and hang out at the bar by yourself and wait for 35yo divorced women to start buying you drinks.
  2. The office manager (30ish, allegedly used to be hot, ass expanded and flattened to fill here entire wide-frame secretary chair) at my then-employer used to hang out there all the time.

Interesting that it never really lost that crowd, or at least that reputation.

Space Whisky

Its intense aroma had hints of antiseptic smoke, rubber and smoked fish, along with a curious, perfumed note, like violet or cassis, and powerful woody tones, leading to a meaty aroma

The taste was very focused, with smoked fruits such as prunes, raisins, sugared plums and cherries, earthy peat smoke, peppermint, aniseed, cinnamon and smoked bacon or hickory-smoked ham. The aftertaste is intense and long, with hints of wood, antiseptic lozenges and rubbery smoke.