Today in terrible beverage names

I would have assumed that Nipples Are Nipples would be a milk stout, but apparently it’s a hard lemonade.

Also, interesting that Consent Can’t Come After You Do Hard Cider is their highest alcohol product.

Also also, the women involved in this look exactly like I expected.

I guess I’ll try their Charging Money for Tampons is Period Shaming by the Patriarchy Red Ale when it hits the states, though.

I could use one of these near me

Amsterdam’s Hangover Bar is decorated as a green oasis in the middle of the urban jungle, and offers a variety of ways to deal with hangovers. But in order to experience any of them, you first have to prove that your blood alcohol content is well above functional levels, by taking a breathalizer test.

Trigger Warning: Video is narrated by some dude speaking in some sort of moon-man language or something.

Apparently Florida is having some weather or something.

Thousands of Floridians – led by Vanilla Ice – ignore calls to evacuate to surf, party and mess around on the beach dressed as DINOSAURS


Also of note:

Another local man shouted, ‘D***s out for Harambe! D***s out for Harambe!’ during a local news broadcast.