Evidence we are living in a simulation

There’s no substantial difference between “jump on the turtles when they have these facial expressions in this order” and “gather the tears of a virgin during a full moon.”

So, if we are in a simulation, we would expect there to be bugs in our universe, which might be exploited with just the right series of normally-unremarkable actions. In-universe, we call that magic.

… [Super Mario Brothers 3] was released and done with; our world is still being maintained. So what we would expect to see in our world are bugs/magics that work for a while, but then stop once the god/grad student who maintains our code patches the bug.

We interrupt this blog for an important celebrity deathwatch post

Yes, I know, I have slacked off on Celebrity Deathwatch 2016 to the point where it’s not even a thing anymore and it would take about 12 hours of work to catch up.

But, I have to break in for this important celebrity death:

Jack Chick (92), cartoonist.

Fucks given: lulz.

Here’s my favorite Chick tract parody: Darque Dungeon