Coffee and Dildos

A few days ago at the local chain coffee shop one of the female employees decided to start talking about the huge dildo she had acquired the previous night.  Apparently it is bigger than any cock she has ever handled.

FWIW, this is not the sort of thing that should be discussed loudly at work in front of customers, so she is no longer an employee there.  Now for the next couple of weeks whenever I go to the coffee shop I’ll be trying to figure out who is missing.

In related coffee news, I recently had the opportunity to visit a popular chain of donut bakeries which is for some reason known for serving good coffee.  I do not understand why they are known for this, since their coffee is shit.

Reminder: Never tell a woman to “calm down”

the woman became irate when a taco truck worker denied her request to reheat her taco when she said it was cold.

But when her boyfriend told her to calm down, she allegedly pulled out a gun.

Her boyfriend was shot at one point, but it is not clear if she intentionally shot him or if the gun fired accidentally.

Klaus Nomi’s Lime Tart Recipe

It takes lime peel and cut it into thin strips. It place the lime peel on top of the pie. This has two purposes; a beautiful presentation but also the flavor. The zest really adds a punch to the taste and is meant to be eaten. Then it places the tart into the refrigerator for at least several hours, but overnight is recommended in order to firm the tart, make easier the cut and better consistency.