The bottom notes on this last update reminded me that I used to also own the site which would be much more relevant now than it was then. I think I mostly just had it for the email and had an ASCII drawing of an Uzi up. Here it is on the WayBackMachine from 2002:


Oh neat it looks like the domain still exists and isn’t being squatted upon. Should we get it and redirect it here?


Celebrity Deathwatch 2016 #0050-0067

Frank Sinatra, Jr., 72, son of a famous singer and kidnapping victim.

Fucks given: 0.

Larry Drake, 67, noted that guy actor.

Fucks given: 3, I recognize him from some things, some of which were entertaining.

Joe Santos, 84, another that guy actor.

Fucks given: 3, he was definitely in some stuff.

Scabs, 41, drummer for Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13.

Fucks given: 0, never heard of him or them.

Bob Ebeling, 89, guy who said “Hey, the Space Shuttle is going to blow up.

Fucks given: 5

Phife Dawg, 45, was in A Tribe Called Quest.

Fucks given: 0, I have heard of A Tribe Called Quest but have no idea what songs they have done.

Ken Howard, 71, the coach on The White Shadow.

Fucks given: .5, I vaguely remember the show, not sure if I ever watched it, but I do remember the Saturday Night Live parody.

Antoine Demoitié, 25, bicycle racer.

Fucks given: 0, and I only mention him because I was looking for video of the crash and stumbled upon some weird news “videos” that are actually a series of still pictures with apparently a text-to-speech app reading printed news stories, which I didn’t even realize was a “thing”.

Toni Grant, 73, radio psychologist.

Fucks given: 0.

Winston Moseley, 81, murdered Kitty Genovese, the popular story of which is complete bullshit.

Fucks given: -1.

James Noble, 94, played the Governor on Benson.

Fucks given: .5

Patty Duke, 69, had her own show back in the 60s.

Fucks given: oh wow, she’s Sean Astin‘s mom.

Erik Bauersfeld, 93, voice of Admiral Ackbar.

Fucks given:

Bill Henderson, 90, jazz singer who was also in a bunch of movies and TV shows.

Fucks given: 0, I don’t recognize him.

Joe Medicine Crow, 102, Native American historian and War Chief.

Fucks given: 8

Merle Haggard, 79, country singer and former inmate of San Quentin prison.

Fucks given: 1

Blackjack Mulligan, 73, professional wrestler.

Fucks given: 0, don’t remember him.

David Gest, 62, freaky looking guy who was married to Liza Minelli.

Fucks given: 0.

Celebrity Deathwatch 2015 #0213-0217

Robert Loggia, 85, actor who usually played mobsters.

Fucks given: 3

Tibor Rubin, 86, Medal of Honor winner; Holocaust survivor who joined the US Army and fought in Korea.   Quick version: His sergeant was an anti-semite who sent him on dangerous missions hoping he would be killed, instead he kicked the shit out of everyone.  Two officers told the Sergeant to do the paperwork to get him a Medal of Honor, but the Sergeant ignored them and the officers were KIA.  Then Tibor was captured, spent a couple years in a Chinese POW camp, used to sneak out at night and steal food from the Chinese/NorK supply depots and bring it back for the other prisoners.  Finally received the MoH in 2005.

Fucks given: 10

Chuck Williams, 100, founder of Williams-Sonoma.

Fucks Given: Williams-Sonoma kind of annoys me, because they make me think of this insane office manager I used to work for at my first job who always called it “Williams of Sonoma”.

Nicholas Smith, 81, last surviving member of the main cast of Are You Being Served?

Fucks given: I’ve seen a few episodes of Are You Being Served? here and there, but was never really into it.  Kind of surprising that everyone from the show is dead.

Martin E. Brooks, 90, Dr. Rudy Wells on The Six Million Dollar Man.

Fucks Given: I don’t really remember the show, but I did have the Steve Austin doll with the bionic eye when I was a kid.


Celebrity Deathwatch 2015 #0207-0211

Gene Amdahl, 92, computer scientist, chief architect of IBM’s mainframe computers, possibly coined the term “FUD“.

Fucks given: 3.5

Rex Reason, 86, actor; star of This Island Earth, which was the movie they watched in Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie.

Fucks given: 2


Sandy Berger, 70, unelected government scumbag who worked for President Clinton and smuggled classified documents out of the National Archives in his pants to cover up any potential Clinton administration culpability for 9/11.

Fucks given: fuck that guy.

George T. Sakato, 94, Congressional Medal of Honor winner; fought with the 442nd Regimental Combat Team (the one made up mostly of Japanese-Americans) in WWII.

Fucks Given: 17, one per Nazi he killed on 29 October 1944:

After his platoon had virtually destroyed two enemy defense lines, during which he personally killed five enemy soldiers and captured four, his unit was pinned down by heavy enemy fire. Disregarding the enemy fire, Private Sakato made a one-man rush that encouraged his platoon to charge and destroy the enemy strongpoint. While his platoon was reorganizing, he proved to be the inspiration of his squad in halting a counter-attack on the left flank during which his squad leader was killed. Taking charge of the squad, he continued his relentless tactics, using an enemy rifle and P-38 pistol to stop an organized enemy attack. During this entire action, he killed 12 and wounded two, personally captured four and assisted his platoon in taking 34 prisoners. By continuously ignoring enemy fire, and by his gallant courage and fighting spirit, he turned impending defeat into victory and helped his platoon complete its mission. Private Sakato’s extraordinary heroism and devotion to duty are in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflect great credit on him, his unit, and the United States Army.

Percy Foster, 35, dwarf porn star who looked like Gordon Ramsay; apparently he was eaten by badgers.

Fucks given: 5; he was truly the Laurence Olivier of celebrity-chef-lookalike dwarf porn stars.