A theory

Neither Trump nor Clinton actually wants to be president, and they are playing some sort of game to see who can make the most dumb moves and say the dumbest shit and still get elected.  I suspect there’s some sort of Duke Brothers style bet involved.


Last Tuesday while eating tacos I bit the right lower inside section of my mouth.  This has caused swelling which in turn has caused me to bite hard on the exact same spot nearly every day since then.

This is very painful and I do not recommend it.

Restroom Confusion

The other day I was at a restaurant with Mrs. K, our spawn, and her parents.  Older spawn needed to use the restroom, so I took him back.  Followed signs down the hall and discovered two options: door on right (closed, handle, sign indicates male or female usage) or door on left (open, no handle just push-to-open, sign is also m/f).  Tried the door on the right, it was locked, so went to the left.  Inside was a sink, no urinal, and two walled-off stalls with floor-to-ceiling doors, one with a m/f sign and one with just a female sign.  Female door is ajar.  Try the m/f door, it’s locked.  Tell my son we’ll have to use the F stall, he objects, saying that’s for a girl.  I prepare to smack him about and lecture him on transgender rights, but just then the bathroom on the right side of the hall opens, so we use that instead.  It contains a sink, toilet, and urinal behind its single locking door.

So, I’m guessing the right-side restroom used to be just “men” and the left used to be just “women”, before transgender bathroom usage became the most important issue in America?  

Related, my wife used the restroom at Costco last week and some woman hanging out in there grabbed her and said “I’m a boy!”, then laughed and left.  Best guess is that it was some anti-trans person trying to make some point about weirdos in public restrooms.